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Current Funded Partners and Projects

The United Way of PEI is proud to partner with 13 local charities on PEI to fund 17 programs across the province working to end poverty, help kids succeed and build healthy communities.  Below is a list and description of all our current funded partners and programs.

Boys and Girls Club of Charlottetown Boys and Girls Club of Charlottetown/Montague

Boys and Girls Club of Charlottetown/Montague is dedicated to meeting the needs of over 1000 young people, ages 6-29, through a variety of quality, structured education, remedial and recreational programs, providing a safe environment and place to belong for all children and youth.

United Way funded project: After school Enrichment (Charlottetown); After school Enhancement (Montague)

The After school Enrichment and Enhancement programs aim to remove barriers and provide high-quality, educational, social and recreational based programming to all children regardless of household income. The aim is to introduce children to their communities, instill a value of giving-back, work on taking responsibility, and showcase the value of forming partnerships within one’s community.

Activities held daily in both Charlottetown and Montague include the components of healthy snacks, assistance with homework, physical activity, arts and crafts, a daily reading program, community projects, and more.

Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity PEI

Habitat for Humanity PEI works towards an Island where everyone has safe, decent affordable housing, with a primary purpose to build homes in partnership with low income families and communities. 

United Way funded project:          

Learning to Navigate the Responsibilities of Home Ownership

Habitat for Humanity works to prepare partner families for home ownership by providing educational workshops. However, many homeowners become quite dependent on Habitat for Humanity and sometimes have difficulty transitioning to independent how ownership. Instead of exercising problem-solving skills partner families are turning to Habitat for Humanity whenever difficulties arise. The goal of this project is to foster a greater level of independence in individuals and families, ensuring that they have the resources and supports to maintain safe and affordable housing.

Joyriders Joyriders Therapeutic Riding Association

Joyriders Therapeutic Riding Association and its program benefits riders who have a variety of disabilities including Autism, Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Both children and adults are part of the program.

United Way funded project: 

Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship Program

Youth with disabilities face far greater challenges in daily life, often with the least support available. Confronted by barriers to join sports teams and other fitness activities, self-esteem is often low with feelings of being excluded. Therapeutic riding is recognized world-wide as an exciting, unique activity with significant benefits in the areas of therapy, rehabilitation and recreation.  

Joyriders provides opportunities for youth with disabilities to be physically active in a safe and welcoming environment. Past participants have demonstrated how young people can gain confidence and independence as they participate in this therapeutic riding program, with many examples of how this personal growth extends beyond the program itself into daily activities.

Family Violence Prevention Services Family Violence Prevention Services

Family Violence Prevention Services has the primary goals of providing a place of safety for women and children who are victims of abuse, educating the public about the issues of family violence and violence against women, and advocating for the needs of abused women and children.

United Way funded project:

All About YOUth

Youth on PEI are in need of critical messaging about healthy relationships, abuse, communication and self-esteem. This educational program, aligned with the healthy relationships components in the health curriculum for grade 7 students, has the goal of promoting education and skill building. Through the development of healthy relationships, teens are better equipped to change their behaviours, promoting critical thinking and breaking down existing behavioural patterns to decrease the risk of sexual violence, abuse and inequity.

PEI Literacy Alliance PEI Literacy Alliance

The PEI Literacy Alliance is an umbrella organization of provincial and national organizations with an interest in literacy. The work of the Literacy Alliance includes delivery of a number of programs that support adult learners, families and children in increasing their literacy and essential skills.

United Way funded projects:

 Ready, Set, Learn!

The Literacy Alliance is partnering with the Association for Newcomers to deliver this project, aimed at providing literacy supports that will mitigate summer learning loss and keep children in the target age group (K-6) engaged in learning year-round. The program will integrate two proven program models, the Summer Tutoring Program for Kids and the Mathematics Achievement Program.

Seniors Peer Engagement – Linking Literacy (SPELL)

This project engages seniors as mentors with seniors wishing to improve their literacy skills through one-to-one tutoring. Improved literacy rates are linked with improved quality of life, health and community involvement. Trained volunteer tutors will work with seniors, filling a long-standing gap in services.

Sport PEI SportPEI

The mission of Sport PEI is to promote amateur sport for all Islanders by partnering to advance collective interests and to facilitate and support development. Sport PEI’s vision is to help promote an increase in the number of people in Prince Edward Island who participate in amateur sports. 

United Way funded project:

KidSport PEI

Staying physically active is important for everyone, and playing sports helps develop healthy lifestyles. Organized sport teaches children important life skills such as leadership, commitment, teamwork and self-confidence. KidSport believes that all Island children should have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits that sport offers.

Recent reports state that only 45% of PEI students meet national physical activity guidelines and only 69% of PEI students fall into a healthy weight category for their age.

KidSport PEI was designed to provide financial support to families to reduce the barriers to participating in organized sport.

Arthritis Society The Arthritis Society

As a leader within Canada’s broader arthritis community, the Arthritis Society conducts research to better understand the impact of arthritis, advocates for progressive arthritis policies, works with stakeholders to promote appropriate standards of care, and delivers education programs to empower those living with arthritis to self-manage their disease.

United Way funded projects:

Mobility Works

Arthritis is a chronic condition that has a devastating impact on the lives of more than 4.6 million Canadians. With knowledge and support, individuals can learn to fight the limitations that arthritis can impose. An estimated 25,000 people are living with arthritis on PEI.

Currently, only 38.6% of seniors aged 65+ on PEI report moderate activity levels.  Mobility Works is an exercise program designed for seniors living with arthritis to help decrease pain, improve joint health and state of mind. Mobility Works providers a safe way to achieve the daily recommendation of activity, and leads to seniors being more capable of ongoing exercise that is adapted to their condition.

Making Rheum for Arthritis

This program, designed for care partners of people living with arthritis, will include the components of learning, sharing and being active. Delivered in a support group format, this program will help care partners develop networking opportunities, healthy coping strategies, and the skills around dealing with stress, pain or fatigue associated with caring for a loved one living with arthritis.

Boys and Girls Club of Summerside The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside

The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside has a mission to provide a safe and supportive place where children and youth experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, develop positive relationships and build confidence and skills for life.

United Way funded project:

Family Foundations

The goal of Family Foundations is to enhance parenting skills and promote effective parenting styles while building life skills and fostering positive attitudes in the children. Strengthening the family bond, promoting positive communication and enhancing joint problem solving within the family will have the end result of reducing bullying and drug use within the school environment. This program consists of a family style dinner, parent training, child skills training and family life-skills training components.

Family Service PEI Family Service PEI

With their mission “strong individuals, families and communities”, Family Service PEI is focused on bringing results in the following areas: individual, family and couples counselling; financial counselling including choices for appropriate intervention options; and ensuring clients have access to appropriate services and programs.

United Way funded projects:         

It’s Your Right – Protecting Your Finances 

This program is focused on educating seniors about all types of financial abuse, including scams and frauds, helping them to identify their own risk factors, and empowering them to take steps aimed at reducing their risks. These steps will revolve around increasing their financial literacy and money management skills so that they are making sound financial decisions tailored to their own values, needs and wants.

Therapeutic Counselling 

The goal of this program is to provide subsidized sessions to families with children to help develop strategies to improve overall functioning and family relationships. This improvement results in many positive impacts including reduced levels of stress, better sleeping, and feelings of increased support and well-being.

Native Council of PEI Native Council of Prince Edward Island

The Native Council of Prince Edward Island is a Community of Aboriginal People residing off-reserve in traditional Mi'kmaq territory. NCPEI is the self governing authority for all off-reserve Aboriginal people living on Epekwitk (PEI).

United Way funded project:

Strengthening Emotional Well-being to Secure the Bonds of Family

The program’s focus is on Aboriginal families’ well-being through the reduction of stress, physical pain and sleep loss. The Aboriginal Wheel will be the primary resource with information and interpretation sessions offered on the four components (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental). The program is presented to three different groups: men, women and a combined family program.

Stars for Life Stars For Life Foundation

The Stars For Life Foundation is committed to creating a quality of life for young people with autism spectrum disorder fully included in their community; with a commitment to continued education, life and job skills training and inclusion.

United Way funded project:

Understanding Your Emotions

This program is designed to provide those on the Autism Spectrum the tools to address three key concerns: feeling stressed, suffering mental and physical pain, and poor sleep habits. Those with Autism have unique learning needs, and the program will be designed with the proper visual aids, sensory stimulation, and hands on learning experiences to ensure success.

Through various activities and learning classes, participants will gain knowledge and tools to improve their overall quality of life by understanding their emotions and how to process them in relation to everyday living. In future experiences, these individuals will be able to take the skills learned in the program and develop their own resources to continue a healthy lifestyle and positively implement in all facets of their life.

Alzheimer Society of PEI Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward Island

Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward Island 

Behind every person with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, there are hundreds of people dedicated to helping. The Alzheimer Society is the leading not-for-profit health organization working nationwide to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected by Alzheimer's disease and other dementias and advance the search for the cause and cure.

United Way funded project:

Brain Fitness Fun

The Brain Fitness Fun program actively engages seniors who are at risk of becoming physically inactive with consequences of poor brain health and increased risk of dementia. Partnering with seniors groups to deliver the program, the Alzheimer Society program has the goal of increasing seniors’ brain health, endurance, flexibility, strength and balance, through exercise and social interaction.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada The Kidney Foundation of Canada - Atlantic Branch (PEI)

The Kidney Foundation of Canada - Atlantic Branch (PEI)

The organization exists for the enhancement of kidney health and reduction, and if possible, the elimination of the burden of kidney diseases. The Foundation provides hope, support, empowerment and engagement for at risk or affected by kidney disease.

United Way funded project:

Nutrition for Kidney Health

The project is designed to improve nutritional awareness and access to nutritional information among the senior population of PEI. Through educational sessions, cooking demonstrations and an awareness campaign, particular focus is given to those living with kidney disease, populations at higher risk of developing kidney disease, and their family members.

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